Manuscript transcribing (AI assisted)


(UAH150.00 за сторінку)

Handwritten text recognition of archival documents by artificial intelligence.

(Rate for one page of a manuscript.)

Scan requirements:

- streight geometry without optical distortion,

- sufficient and even brightness,

- same hand and style,

- language doesn't matter, 


- PDF/A document,

- instant search through the document,

- text layer, that you can copy and paste,

- transcript also preserves the obsolete letters (ԑ, ѣ, ѳ, ω). 

Product customization

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10000 UAH7.50 Up to UAH1,425,000.00




Політика повернення (редагувати в модулі підтвердження клієнтів)



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Транскрипт XIX ст.

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